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dear yulegoat

You are fantastic, to begin with, and no matter what you're cooking for me I seriously cannot wait to see what it is.

Request 1: Brothers Bloom (2008)
Penelope Stamp, Bang Bang (Brothers Bloom)

I would love to see Bang Bang and Penelope getting up to shit together, getting themselves in trouble and then out of it again, etc. Hijinks. I ship it pretty hard, but I will totally be happy with gen if that's what you're comfortable with.

So, uh, here's my thing with The Brothers Bloom. I love that movie to death, and I shipped Bloom/Penelope super hard for almost all of it, but it bothers me that when Stephen dies the implication is that Penelope just steps in as Bloom's emotional crutch instead of Bloom actually learning to be a freestanding human being. I think she deserves better than a relationship like that. So what I dream of, really, is fic where Penelope ditches Bloom (temporarily or indefinitely) and reunites with Bang Bang to commit awesome crimes together.

Request 2: TIME Style and Design: Futuristic London Fashion (Short Film)
Aw man, I don't even know exactly what I want from this! I just really loved the little bit of story we got and would like to see more. Maybe about a previous trip James and Christine went on together when they were happier, or Christine deciding he's got the right idea or going back to live in the 60s? Maybe somehow or other they meet up again later on. I don't knooooww I just loved it and wanted more

...yes, basically that.

Request 3: Lord Peter Wimsey - Dorothy L. Sayers
Saint-George Wimsey

If you are in this fandom or have just gone to look at my LJ or whatever you know I ship St. George with Hilary Thorpe pretty hard! So I would love to see some of that, or even just them being bros, if you are so inclined.

Alternatively, I would really love to see stuff about his relationships with members of his family besides his parents, Peter, and Harriet! The Parkers or the Dowager Duchess or I don't know, whoever strikes your fancy :) I have immense love for the entire Wimsey family.

Just a couple of stipulations: gen is cool, just no ships with anyone but Hilary please! And please don't kill off St. George during the war, should that happen to become relevant.

Things I love in general
Het or femslash where the partners are legit equals; I have a particular thing for protectiveness, especially if it's mutual, and people getting to rescue each other a lot, and people sort of figuring out how to be tough and heroic as they go along. Hurt/comfort. (There is a theme here.)
Happy or optimistic endings, for God's sake, though they're all the more satisfying if people have to scramble through some shit to get there. Please don't kill anyone off who isn't dead in canon.
Bickering, witty or otherwise; found families.


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