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fic: of punctured damn-the-things

A story for you all! For the first time in a little while.

Hilary/St. George, same as always. 1700 words long, set in May 1944 and rated PG. The title is from A.A. Milne, as ever.

I freely disclaim that I have no idea whether this would actually have been possible, or permitted, but I have faith that if there were the remotest possibility of it Hilary would bully someone into making it happen.

Jerry tried to move, found it unexpectedly difficult, and coughed once or twice on the vague principle that someone ought to be told he still existed.Collapse )
Last night I got out of class "early" at 9PM. I was cranky, because it was literally about seven degrees Fahrenheit out and I needed to go to the school library and then walk half a mile down to the 24-hr grocery store for milk and hummus. (I am a baby who frequently will only get her vegetables if it's by eating carrot sticks + hummus on the side of all her meals.)

Anyway, I went up to the school library in search of Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice, which I should really just buy already because it's like six bucks used and I'm taking Ivan's class in the fall anyway, and I had never been up in that corner of the library before. And you guys, they have an aisle and a half of comic books. In my school library. You'd think after three years of art school I would have known or guessed this sooner.

Basically the way this turned out was that I wandered around going 8D for fifteen minutes, panicked, grabbed volumes 1-5 of B.P.R.D. for some unknown reason, walked down to the grocery store still going 8D, bought milk and hummus and a ton of pork chops (I have never eaten pork chops you guys what do I do with these) still going 8D even as my fingers were falling off from the cold.


Also, when I went to Jimmy John's yesterday, they told me about their punch card (buy ten sandwiches get one free, the usual thing) and, because I'm in there so much, gave me a card with nine holes already in it. CUSTOMER LOYALTY PAYS OFF, FOR THE RECORD.

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manasseh and I: drawing a picture for every movie we watch this year! Except I'm sort of cheating and starting off with Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and Lord of the Rings, which I watched in the last week of 2011.

manasseh wrote me an amazing and hilarious AU version of The Young Lord Peter Consults Sherlock Holmes, about RDJ Holmes instead of book Holmes; she refuses to post it, but she can't stop me illustrating it. TAKE THAT, MORGAN >:(

Under the cut.Collapse )

Meanwhile, in the real world, I have only had one class so far this week and my sleep schedule is completely fucked up, which is why I've been awake drawing this since like five AM when I don't have class until 10:30.

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things that i would weep with joy to read on the slim chance they ever exist:

the AU version of The Young Lord Peter Consults Sherlock Holmes with Guy Ritchie's Holmes instead of Doyle's, in which Holmes is of course utterly delighted to help find a missing kitten, but is also high the entire time and accidentally involves ickle Peter in a very dangerous and complicated international conspiracy in the process.

To be fair, that last bit could be Peter's karma at work as much as Holmes's.

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not that I was bored or anything?

but Zoya has a New Year's promotion: two free nail polishes for just the cost of shipping, so of course I had to get out my nail polish box to figure out what shades I was missing. And then the box broke and you know what, I've been wanting for a long time to find a part of my room where I could actually line my polishes up where I could see them, so I did that.

On the scale of life goals, it's pretty tiny, but I am pleased. :D LOOK AT ALL THE PRETTY COLORS.

In other news: I have a Tumblr at queencardigan. It started out as a class project and then I wasn't sure what to do with it, but now I'm going to start putting my own art up on it, so y'all should please come be my friend :D

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happy new year!

I was on a train from 8AM Jan 1-noon Jan 2, so I did nothing for the holiday :( Not that I ever do, but hey.

1. Yuletide reveal: I only wrote one fic this year, and had a lot of fun with it, but sadly it wasn't too far outside my usual product.

I think, if I were king of Greece
1443 words, PG.
Gherkins had gotten hold of her fountain pen, and was doodling scratchily all over one end of her blotter. “Aunt Mary,” he said thoughtfully, “when you were Winnie’s age, could you climb trees?”

I have a NYR in mind, but it would be in art form and y'all know how I get about drawing things where people might see them, so God knows.

2. People have so much to say about how 2011 went for them. I feel kind of shitty thinking about it, because I really don't feel like I made much of a net gain. I got marginally better at drawing, I guess. I got worse at exercising regularly. I actually talk to people IRL, though I have no faith that any of them gives a damn about me. I went on two dates, both of which were failures except as character-building exercises, but I had never been on any before so I guess that's progress. I joined group therapy and quit again. I started a webcomic, failed, deleted the website. I bought roller-skating lessons and failed out. There is a pattern here.

I have a lot of specific goals for next year involving exercise and health and art et cetera, but my real resolution as always is to really feel that I have progressed and changed in some noticeable way. Just once. That would be nice.

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I took my pennies to the market square

A slightly late Hilary/Jerry holiday story, to be precise, set in 1944! 2200 words, PG for a swear word or two. Betaed by dictator_duck and adaptationdecay.

Title is courtesy of AA Milne, as always: Market Square.

It wasn't a real disappointment that it didn't snow for the Christmas of 1944, but it felt somehow as though it were just about to, which was really the most one could hope for.Collapse )
So, yeah, the latest LJ changes: not a dealbreaker for me or enough to drive me to Dreamwidth all on their own, but I am going and poking at mine again in case of LJ implosion, because I am a selfish creature at heart and just want to be somewhere where people can see my fic. (I don't even use this journal for much besides that any more.)

I am spintheiryarns over at DW. Come be my friend, please.


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